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Serenity Nursing and Home Support Services can provide service from just a few hours a day to 24 hour care.
When we meet with a client we design a service schedule to meet your individual needs, working with the client, family members, and others involved to provide the quality of care you deserve.
As we continue, we monitor the level of satsfaction with the client and communicate with the worker to ensure a high quality of care.

Serenity provides the following services:
- Personal Care
. Assistance with daily tasks and personal
grooming. Shaving, bathing, mobility assistance, etc. Our trained staff are ready to meet your daily needs.

- Household Care. Laundry. Washing, folding, storing your personal laundry and changing linens We are pleased to help you maintain a clean and healthy environment.

- General cleaning, washing dishes, dusting. Your Home Support Worker will also assess your home for obvious hazards also assess your home for obvious hazards such as loose rugs, and if possible, correct them under the direction of a supervisor.

- Respite Care. We provide short term respite care for those times when family members need to run errands or just to provide a break from the daily routine

- Health Care Centre Private Duty. Our staff are available to supplement the care you or your family member is receiving in hospital or nursing home.

- Surgical Care. Pre and post surgical care can be arranged, with the security and peace of mind of knowing there is someone there just for you.

- Alzheimer's Care. We can provide care, observation and safety in an understanding and caring manner to those affected with Alzheimer’s.

- Special Needs Assistance. We provide family support workers to work with children, teenagers, and adults with special needs or disabilities.

- Supervised Access. We have trained workers who provide supervision between children and non-custodial parents. We also supervise transportation of children and offer "in community" support for those who require it.

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to discuss arranging service, please use our contact page, or calll us at 364-9688. We look forward to hearing from you.